All the course participants are required to work on a supervised research essay/ project and/or supervised field work, thus integrating the book and field view. Teaching methods are democratic, participatory, and collaborative and seek to integrate intellectual, emotional and political engagement.

Visiting faculty and Scholars in residence include renowned scholars and activists. Certificate courses are taught in English and Marathi and resource kits/reading material is provided to the course participants. The Diploma and Masters Programmes have a built in focus on ‘language’ both in terms of remedial English and assisting students to work in Indian languages. As the Centre is a part of the network of women’s organizations, activist groups and NGOs, the effort is to offer course participants, opportunities for internships, on-the-field training and assignment-based work with organizations and the community.

Detailed course outlines and reading materials are circulated in advance and in addition to listed courses faculty may float open courses.

The teaching Programmes of the Centre involves



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