Working With Women On Campus

  • The Centre developed the first Charter of Rights for Women on campus in April 2003. This charter was appreciated by state officials and is being used as a model by the other Universities.

  • The Centre initiated a Cell against Atrocities and Harassment against Women, which monitors and counsels cases on campus.

  • The Centre oversees the administration and running of the Savitribai Phule Day-Care centre for the children of University employees.

Declaration of Charter of Rights for Women on Campus
Famous Playwright Sushma Deshpande Performs for Women on Campus
Students of the Certificate Course interact with members of self-help groups in the Pune University Campus on December 10, 2008.



The University of Pune has a long lineage of half a century and more, and is known nationally for its commitment to excellence and innovation. On the campus, there are a large number of women employees and girls students, coming from different parts of country and world.  This marks the progressive nature of the University.

Despite the improvement in women’s conditions in post independence period, the development has been imbalanced and there are many obstacles in achieving equality between men and women. There have been several attempts by the Government and other social organizations for empowering women and for protecting their rights.

With the Beijing International Women’s Conference (1995), the Government of India committed itself to the Beijing Declaration and mobilized further the programmes for women’s development, equality and peace. As the year 2001 came to be declared as the Year of Women’s Empowerment, concrete steps were taken to empower women in various fields. With the Maharashtra State’s Policy for Women, issues of women-centred planning, representation of women in different social spheres, women’s economic development, came to the fore.

The University of Pune declares this Charter for Women as one step forward in this direction. 

Objectives of the Charter:

This Charter aims to outline the guiding principles for enabling women to contribute more actively and meaningfully to the goals of the University of Pune. The major objectives of the Charter are: to secure equal opportunities for women in the fields of education and employment, to remove gender based discrimination and to provide women safe and secure environment conducive to their development. This Charter is committed to the empowerment of women in the University of Pune and to the protection of their rights.

Scope of the Charter:

This Charter is applicable to all the teaching and non-teaching women employees and girl students of the University of Pune. This will include women employees in temporary service, in the fields of teaching, research and administration.

Guiding Principles of the Charter:

  • Women should get equal opportunities in the fields of education and employment.

    It should be ensured that the teaching and non- teaching women employees of the University are not discriminated in matters of salary, allowance and bonus, recruitment, appointment, promotion, reservation, nature of work and evaluation, leave especially maternity leave and allowance and paternity leave. The girl students should not be discriminated in matters of admission and reservation.

  • The overall environment should be conducive to the special needs of women in order to enable them to avail equal opportunities.

    The University should have proper infrastructural facilities for women. Ladies toilets should be adequate in number and with proper facilities considering the special needs of women. Ladies Hostel should have basic amenities (for e.g. for cleaning). The capacity of hostels should be in proportion to the number of girl students on campus. The University should have a Day Care Centre for the children of all employees and students. The Health Care Centre should provide special medical services required for women. The University should have adequate transport arrangements for women employees at the office timings and also in case of over-time. There should be a common room for women employees and female students so that, women have better interaction among themselves. The counselling service should also be provided to support women in career related and emotional matters.

  • The development of women requires provision of safe and secure environment at the place of education and employment.

    The University should have safe and secure environment for its women employees and girl students. There should be a Complaints Committee to deal with sexual harassment at the work place. This committee should make special efforts for creating a congenial environment that would be free from any harassment to women. It should be ensured that girl students do not feel insecure on the University campus, specifically at places like Library, all academic Departments, and the hostel. Women in the University should be provided proper assistance and security in case they have to deal with the Government authorities or any other officials regarding the University matters.

  • For securing, women’s participation in the processes of policy-making, planning and decision-making, women should have proper representation.

    Utmost care should be taken to ensure that there is no gender-based discrimination in policy-making, planning and implementation of the programmes of the University. Women should have adequate opportunities for participating actively in these programmes. The University should have proper representation of women on its various committees, such as selection committee, administrative committee, advisory committee etc., in order to protect women’s interests and rights.

  • Empowerment of women requires improvement in the skills, knowledge and capabilities of women.

    Considering the obstacles inhibiting access of women to education and employment, the University should make special efforts for the empowerment of women and improvement of their skills and knowledge. The Women’s Studies Centre in the University should take initiative in this matter. Women should be provided special training for e.g. computer training, conscious raising on gender issues etc, in order to enable them to develop their skills and capabilities. There should be a special focus on women from rural areas and those from marginalized sections.

  • Women’s empowerment should be a significant criterion for the evaluation of any programme.

    The information regarding the University activities in the matters such as recruitment, appointment, promotion, admission, reservation etc. should maintain gender specific statistical records. There should be a gender audit of all the policies, plans and programmes of the University i.e. various activities of the University such as teaching, research, extension should be evaluated on the basis of women’s participation in it, its content and budget allocation related to women’s development etc.

  • This Charter should be further implemented according to the Government Ruling. A Charter Committee should be established in this regard. The University should take significant steps to implement guiding principles of this Charter. If needed issues in this regard may be pursued with the State Government.


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