Research projects: The Centre has been undertaking research projects in the following thrust areas in collaboration and partnership with many national and international researches and funding organizations.
  • Mapping the field of women's studies and developing curriculum, pedagogies and resources
  • Analyzing higher education with an aim to bring together quality and equality
  • Exploring the fields of gender, culture and development
  • Analyzing gender focusing region, specifically its social history
  • Analyzing transformations with globalization in different sectors of social life foregrounding Intersectionality, in fields like health, sexuality and work In the past the centre has undertaken research on understanding women's work in the context of Neoliberalism (ICSSR), on understanding the issue of deserted women (in collaboration with SOPPECOM), understanding the educational experience of first generation learner girls (with NCPCR) and of children from DTNT communities (CSD) etc. Research has also focused on primarily pedagogical aims, for instance on how to introduce and integrate caste into the curriculum, documenting of popular culture of anti-caste movements (SARAI), understanding bilingual teaching in a digital era and creating digital resources in regional languages (both with CIEHL, TISS). Understanding declining child sex ratios and translating of feminist knowledges around the same for different constituencies has been another important area of research.

Obama-Singh Knowledge Initiative for 21 century- a research project in collaboration with University of Massachusetts, Amherst on 'Inclusive Universities: Linking Equity, Diversity and Excellence for the 21 Century'- that seeks to map diversity of students on campus and its link with their experiences of learning environment that shapes their success.











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