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Department of Anthropology

Place of the Department

The Department of Anthropology is the only post-graduate department of its kind in the entire State of Maharashtra as well as the whole of the Western India.

Goal of the Department

We strive to conduct teaching, research and extension with the view that Anthropology as a discipline is most scientific of the Social Sciences and most humanistic among the sciences. With its holistic and interdisciplinary perspective we study conditions of human existence and human endeavors and aim at serving society professionally.


The department has maintained an equal emphasis on Biological Anthropology as well as on Cultural Anthropology. It was first in India to introduce courses on Urban Anthropology, Medical Anthropology and Social Science Research Methods Practical.

The curriculum offers courses in four modules at the M.A. /M.Sc. out of which, two are applied modules i.e. Development Anthropology and Medical Anthropology and two other modules are Biological Anthropology and Culture Anthropology.






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