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Research and critic on issues of national relevance such as Development and various Public Health are the need of time. Anthropology has contributed, both in theory and methodology as well as practically, community based and participatory approaches to deal with problems of Development as well as Public Health. The syllabus of Anthropology is oriented in such way that in 3rd and 4th semesters, student can opt for various courses that deal with issues of development and health. Further, students often choose to work for their Masterís dissertation on these issues as well as on more basic topics in Cultural and Biological Anthropology.

The syllabus covers basic and foundation courses in Anthropology in first two semesters. In the third semester, advanced courses are taught and the final semester syllabus is oriented towards applications of the discipline for welfare of the society. Further we offer 3 practical courses for hands on training and 2 field based researches viz. ethnographic fieldwork and masterís dissertation to MA M.Sc students.

Recent developments in the field of Anthropological Theory is reflected in courses such as Urban Anthropology, Development Anthropology, and Medical Anthropology, that are not only relevant to national Development but also attract students, both National and international.

Issues related to condition and welfare of disadvantaged groups like Tribal people has always been the core area of anthropology. Keeping the same in mind we teach Tribal and Rural Development. In addition, advanced courses such as Development Anthropology, Complex Societies and Urban Development, Medical Anthropology are also taught.







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