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Semester I Basic Courses
AN 101: Social and Cultural Anthropology*
AN 102: Social Research Method*
AN 103: Indian Society and Culture*
AN 104: Biological Anthropology*
AN 105: Archeological Anthropology*
Semester II Basic Courses
AN 201: Anthropological Thoughts*
AN 202: Survey Research Method Practical*
AN 203: Ethnographic Fieldwork*
AN 204: Comparative Anatomy & Human Evolution*
AN 205: Biological Anthropology Practical I*
Semester III Advanced Courses
AN 301: Advanced Anthropological Theories*
AN 302: Social Cultural Change*
AN 303: Medical Anthropology I*
AN 304: Biological Anthropology Practical II*
AN 305: Anthropological Demography
AN 306: Human
AN 307: Dissertation
Semester IV Applied Courses
AN 401: Complex Societies and Urban Development
AN 402: Tribal and Rural Development
AN 403: Medical Anthropology II
AN 404: Development Anthropology
AN 405: Growth Development and Nutrition
AN 406: Dissertation
AN 407: Gerontology
AN 408: Introduction to Molecular Anthropology
AN 409: Advanced Archeology


Star marked courses are compulsory courses; other courses are elective/ optional courses.
  Shaded courses are practical courses.


Syllabus for Semester III and IV is currently being revised. Names of the proposed courses are given.

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