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In the early phase, the research revolved around the themes that have been basic to social-cultural and biological anthropology. Thus in the Indian context basic research was conducted in the areas of Kinship Organization, Anthropometry and Dermatoglyphics etc. Over the period the department carried out pioneering research both basic and applied areas like people and culture of Maharashtra, Development Anthropology, Urban Anthropology, Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity, Social mobility, Dermatoglyphics, Medical Anthropology, Participatory Development, Anthropometric studies in growth and nutrition, Communication, Gerontology etc. The research publications of the faculty in these areas have been acknowledged internationally. In recent times faculty has conducted research in diverse areas such as women and development, sexuality and problems of nutrition among tribal populations.

Faculty Research

Details of the ongoing projects and projects completed during the last five years

No. Projects completed during the last five years Duration Funding Agency
1 Understanding Women's Reproductive Health Concerns in the Context of HIV- AIDS: A case Study in Pune. 3 years NACO University of Pune
2 University Radio: Studentsí Perceptions and Need Assessment Survey 4 months Ford Foundation
3 Cultural Dimensions of Sexuality and Construction of Sexuality Among the Male Youth 1 year CASP Pune
4 HIV-AIDS in Maval Taluka, Pune: Impact and Consequences for Community Aid and Sponsorship Programme (CASP), Pune. 5 Months Centre for Social Studies,
5 Assessment of Nutritional Status of Tribal Population 2 years University of Pune
6 Issues involved in Womenís Development 2 years University of Pune

Ongoing Projects

No. Projects completed during the last five years Duration Funding Agency
1 Nutrition project 1 year  

Masterís dissertations

In addition to Ethnographic fieldwork in 2nd semester, meritorious students are allowed to take a Masterís dissertation of their choice under supervision of a faculty member in 3rd and 4th semester. Students conduct an independent research for dissertation. Students make seminar presentations in the annual departmental seminar and dissertations are assessed by external referees.

Doctoral Research leading to PhD degree

The department offers Ph.D. programme as a programme by research. So far 62 Ph.D. s have been awarded since the inception of the department. Currently 14 students are registered for Ph.D. Department offers Ph.D. in various branches of Anthropology such as Biological Anthropology and Socio-Cultural Anthropology. Recent trend is towards applied research and thus Ph.D. researches in the fields such as Medical Anthropology, Growth development and Nutrition, Development Anthropology and Urban Anthropology are increasingly pursued.

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