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Departmental Library

Over the years, the department has created its own library through donation and small Book Grant provided by the University. The Library houses 817 books, fieldwork and dissertation reports. More than 150 books have been procured for the Department Library during the past five years.

Iravati Karve Museum of Anthropology

The teaching and research museum has a large collection of exhibits of tribal artifacts , rare plastic casts of hominid fossils and over 900 tribal exhibits. These exhibits are organized in three Galleries viz., Foot Prints Gallery, Home and Hearth Gallery and Celebration Gallery.

Anthropology Laboratory

The laboratory is organized around the two thrust areas, i.e. Biological Anthropology and Growth studies. The laboratories are essentially field oriented therefore small handy and portable equipments, which can be easily carried to the field are used for research that include Anthropometric Instruments (Somatometry, Anthropometry). In addition Human Skeletons (Articulated, Disjointed), and Equipment for Serology, Dermatoglyphics and Growth and Ageing Studies are also available.






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