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The teaching Programs of the Centre involves

M.A. degree in History

General Information…

  • The M.A. degree will be awarded to students who complete a total of 64 credits in a minimum of two years taking four courses per Semester ( 4X4=16 credits). Each course will be of 4 credits

  • A Student may take three courses (totaling to twelve credits) per semester from the Department of History and therefore one course of four credits from any other department per semester. In case a student wishes to take all courses from the Department of History he/she may also do so.

  • All courses are open to all students from outside the department. Eligibility for registering for each course will be decided by the departmental committee.

  • For the students doing M.A. degree in History the courses for divided into compulsory and optional. Every student has to take one optional course and three compulsory in each semester. Every student has to take one optional course in each semester along with the three compulsory courses.

II. Evaluation

  • Each course will have 60% marks as semester end examination and 40% marks for internal assessment.

  • The student has to pass in the combined total of internal assessment and semester end examination.

  • In order to pass a student shall have to get minimum 40% marks (E and above on grade point scale) in each course.

  • The system of evaluation will be as follows : Each assignment/test will be evaluated in terms of marks. The marks for separate assignments and the final (semester end) examination will be added together and then converted into a grade and later grade point average. Results will be declared for each semester and the final examination will give total marks, grades and grade point average.

Marks Grade Grade Point
100 to 75 O: Outstanding 06
74 to 65 A : Very Good 05
64 to 55 B : Good 04
54 to 50 C : Average 03
49 to 45 D : Satisfactory 02
44 to 40 E : Pass 01
 39 to 0 F : Fail 00
  • If a student misses an internal assessment examination he/she will have a second chance with the permission of the teacher concerned.

  • Students who have failed for the entire course may reappear at the semester-end exam. Their internal marks will not change. They can also repeat during the 5th /the 6th semester whichever is applicable.

  • The description for each of the grades will be as follows:

  • O: Outstanding :
    Excellent analysis of the topic Accurate knowledge of the primary ( 75% and above) Material, wide range of reading, logical development of ideas, Originality in approaching the subject, neat and systematic organization of content, elegant and lucid style.

  • A: Very Good :
    Excellent analysis of the topic. ( 65 to 74%) Accurate knowledge of the primary material, acquaintance with Seminal publicatios, logical development of ideas, neat and Systematic organization of content, effective and clear Expression.

  • B: Good :
    Good analysis and treatment of the topic. ( 55 to 64 %) Basic knowledge of the primary material, logical development of ideas, neat and systematic organization cf content, effective and clear expression.

  • C: Average :
    Some important points covered. ( 50to 54%) Basic knowledge of the primary material, logical development of Ideas, neat and systematic organization of content, good language
    or expression.

  • D: Satisfactory :
    Some point discussed ( 45 to 49%) basic knowledge of the Primary material, some organization, acceptable language or Expression.

  • E : Pass :
    Any two of the above. ( 40 to 44%)

  • F : Fail :
    None of the above.

The Department runs full-time M.A. and M.Phil courses. A semester and credit pattern is followed at the M.A. level.

  • There will be an evaluation of each course by students at the end of every semester.

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