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Corrigendum - Tender Notice -High Performance Computing Cluster-Bioinformatics Centre
Tender Notice - High Performance Computing Cluster - Bioinformatics Centre
Tender Notice No. 27
Inquiry for Excimer Laser
Quotation Number CMS/14-15/033 for 55 inch HD, Industrial Grade touch screen
Quotation for FESEM and FTNMR
Quotation Notice No. 1047
Quotation Notice No. 973
Enquiry letter for purchasing computers
Quotation for Supply & erecting mirror optic square fitting & ceiling fans for library of Commerce Department at Savitribai Phule Pune University
Tender Notice No. 881
Tender Notice for Answer Book
Tender Regarding Providing Security Services on the Campus of Savitribai Phule Pune University
Quotation Notice No. 798
Quotation Notice No. 797
Tender Notice No. 760
Enquiry letter for purchasing of Branded (HP/DELL/IBM /Lenovo) Computer Systems
Corrigendum to Tender Notice No. 201
Quotation Notice No. 203
Tender Notice No. 720
Enquiry for Polarimeter
Enquiry for Multimode Plate Reader with Accessories
Enquiry for Dynamic Light Scattering
Enquiry for Ultracentrifuge with Rotors and Accessories
Tender Notice No. 623
Tender Notice for Operation and Maintenance of Tennis Courts of the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
Department of Botany Tender notice for automated protein purification systems based on chromatography
Tender Notice No. 36
Quotation Notice No. 584
Quotation Notice No. 585
Quotation Notice No. 561
Tender notice for purchase of ceilometer - date extended
Quotation Notice No. 530
Quotation Notice No. 170
Tender Notice for Purchase of Ceilometer
Quotation Notice No. 497
Letters Regarding Quotation Inquiry at Department of Botany
Quotation No. 48
Revised Tender Notice for a Turnkey project, High Performance Computing (HPC) Solution with Data Center Facility
Tender Notice for Providing Security Service on the Campus of University of Pune
Tender Notice No. 183
Quotation No. 146
Tender Notice No. 294
Quotation notice no. 271
Tender Notice No. 253
Tender Notice for Providing Security Service on the Campus of University of Pune
Tender Notice No. 253
Quotation No. 275
Quotation No. 271
Tender Notice No. 1518
Tender Notice No. 1506
Tender Notice No. 250