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Special Instituted Activities

The following are the activities of importance, which are held
under the jurisdiction of the Board of Students' Welfare: -

The former Chancellor of this University generously gave a donation to both the University
of Pune and the University of Mumbai to conduct an annual elocution competition to be named as the Chancellor Dr. P. C. Alexander Inter University Elocution Competition. This elocution competition has helped students to display their oratorical skills, clarity of thought and lucidity of presentation. It connects the regional with the global. The University of Pune is to organize the competition in Marathi language while the University of Mumbai is to organize the competition in the English language. The elocution competition is an inter university competition open to all the universities in the state of Maharashtra. As per the rules the individual universities in the state are to conduct a competition on its own and then send the name of the winner to the Director, Board of Students' Welfare, University of Pune in respect of the competition held in Marathi language. The University of Pune then organizes an inter university competition for the winners and runners up Two prizes are awarded to the winner and runner up. These prizes are a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 and 2,000 respectively. As per the rules of the competition these prizes are awarded to the respective students at the annual convocation of the university.

A. Dr. P. C. Alexander Marathi Elocution Competition

The objective of the debate at University and National level is to strengthen youth skills and capacity to enhance their awareness and generate better understanding among youth in the field of population, development and environment.

B. All India Debate Competition organized by the Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development, New Delhi.

Health is an important part of an individual. The need to provide health care at affordable costs has been an objective of the Board and the University. Most of the deprived and marginalized sections of society do not have access and availability to health care. Most of the students are anemic and this is prevalent among the girl students. To help these students, the University has introduced this scheme for all students of the University. Health facilities at health center with a panel of doctors as well regular staff is made available to the students. An insurance scheme for all the students from all the college, institutes and the university campus was introduced by the Board of Students' Welfare during the year 1992-93. Under this scheme an amount of Rs. 2/- only per student is collected per year. The above scheme is run in collaboration with an insurance company. The University makes a contract with an insurance company and then as per the contract benefits are provided to the students. The contract period is decided between the University authorities and the Insurance Company. The contract is also renewable. All branches of the insurance company in the districts of Pune, Ahmednagar and Nasik are informed about the same. All contract details approved between the university and the insurance company are informed to all the colleges / institutes and all Heads of University departments. Principal of colleges / Director of institutes and Head of University departments are requested to bring the above to the notice of all their students.

C. Students Safety Insurance Scheme

In addition to the above students safety insurance scheme, a scheme known as "Unforeseen Calamity Scheme" has been introduced by the University in which a students who needs immediate financial help in case of any sort of mishap should contact the Principal, Director or Head who in turn informs the Director, Board of Students' Welfare about the incidence and the financial assistance required. The Director, Board of Students' Welfare after receiving the same arranges for immediate payment of the approved amount.

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