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The department is well equipped with advanced facilities including high end microscopes, rock-thin section machines, ICPES, X-Ray fluorescence, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Palaeomagnetic lab and HPIC. It also holds a library with updated books on teaching and research in addition to the Central Library holding a vast collection of journals, books and encyclopedia.

Equipments in the Department

  • XRF, Pananlytical, USA

  • ICPES, Shimadzu, Japan

  • HPIC, Dionex

  • AAS, Varian SpectrAA-220

  • UV-1800-Spectrophotometer- Shimadzu, Japan

  • Portable XRF

  • Magnetic Susceptibility Curie temperature System, Bartington UK

  • Flame Photometer, Systronics

  • Hysteresis Loop Tracer, Ferrite India

  • Rock Magnetometer, Molspin UK

  • Thermal Demagnetizer, Magnetic Measurements, UK

  • Alternating Field demagnetizer 300mT, Magnon, Germany

  • Alternating Field Demagnetizer 100mT, AGICO, Czech Rep.

  • Impulse Magnetizer, ASC, USA

  • Advanced Research Microscopes (Zeiss, Nikon, Leica)

  • Rock Cutting-polishing-lapping machine, Beuhler, USA

  • Rock Drilling machine, Vindyte, India

  • Geotechnical facility

  • Sieve Shaker, Fritsch GmBH

  • Millipore- Elix

  • Microdigestion System, MARS

  • Isodynamic Separator, UK

  • Centralized Computer Lab.

  • Geological Museum

  • Library with 900+ collection of Books

Coming Soon:

  • XRD Rigaku Ultima IV,

  • Raman Spectrophotometer,

  • Particle Size Analyzer,

  • Total Station,

  • Seismometers

On Campus facility useful for Geology:

SEM-EDS, XRD, VSM, Workshop.

Other facilities in Campus:

Jayakar (Central) Library, Printing Press, Hostels, Health Care Centre, Gym, Canteens, Garden and Jogging Park, Sports Ground, Learn and Earn Scheme.







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