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Department of Computer Science

Our Educational Mission

Today Information Technology has become pervasive, while its parent, Computing Science, has become hard to find. Instead of becoming specialty providers for the IT industry or mass producers of vocationally trained personnel, our Department has chosen to tak
e to take the road less traveled. We continue to emphasize the pristine science that lies under the diverse aspects of computing. This is the single most important feature of the education offered here.

There are several ways to present the canonical core of computing science. Over the years we have developed a distinctive style and method that bridges the theory-practice divide while remaining grounded in the core. Technology changes rapidly, especially in the field of
computing, whereas the science, if it changes at all, does so much more gradually. Those who are clear and thorough about the fundamentals can adapt to rapid changes in technology relatively easily. We want the education imparted to our students to be the basis of a lifetime of learning.

We are committed to the free software and open source movements, as typified by Linux. We believe that reading and modifying open source code is an extremely good learning tool and an effective initiation into the culture of practical software development.

We have a large Departmental library accessible to all students. Jayakar Library, the central University library, has a very large and varied collection of books and journals.

Student-teacher relations are informal and friendly a lack of hierarchy is very much a part of our tradition. Alumni teach many of our courses, motivated by a sense of gratitude for a place that has given them their education, and some of them are prized as our best teachers.

How to Reach Department

  • From Mumbai
    By Air : It takes half an hour to reach Pune.
    By Train : There are a numer of trains from Mumbai C.S.T. via Dadar,Mumbai to Pune on a daily basis. The nearest to University would be Shivajinagar / Khadki Station.
    By Road : The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is a nice pleasant ride. On the Expressway, there are many forks to get into the Pune City. For Pune University, Wakad fork is the nearest. So coming in from Wakad fork, you 'll be passing Sangvi, Aundh and then to GaneshKhind Road where you 'll get the Pune University Main Gate.

  • After reaching Pune
    From ShivajiNagar Railway Station
    Prepaid Taxis / auto-rickshaws. Else cross the Sancheti Hospital Bridge and come to the "Shivaji Nagar Bus Stop" on GaneshKhind Road. There's a huge signboard on that road that reads the University direction and get to the appropriate side of the busstop. Almost all the buses coming on that stop come to the University Main Gate.

  • From Khadki Railway Station
    We suggest you to take an auto-richshaw or Taxi.

  • From Pune Railway Station
    Prepaid Taxis / Auto-rickshaws ply from Station to Pune University. Pune Municipal Transport(PMT) buses are also available from Station to University.

  • After reaching Pune University
    There are electric vehicles which ply inside the Campus for Rs.3/person. Just ask him to get yourself to Pune University Computer Science Department.
    Else you can get to the Main Building. From Main Building get to C-DAC Super Computing Centre which is a mirrored building. Just next to that is PUCSD.

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