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The strong sense of belonging our alumni have to the Department is one of its greatest assets. Started in 1994, the Alumni Cell, called "Panini", aims at strengthening the links between the Department and its alumni. "Panini" is now a registered organization. It is managed by an executive body consisting of current and ex-students. It publishes a yearly newsletter informing the alumni about the activities in the Department. It also organizes an annual Alumni meet in December.

The Alumni have also come together in the form of www.pucsd.com

Alumni Cell 2011-12

Sudipta Chatterjee (+91-9960116025)
Neha Ghogale(+91-9594127479)
Rohit Kadam (+91-9028485201/+91-9604436101)
Avirup Roy (+91-8928156220)

Postal Address:
Alumni Cell
Department of Computer Science
University of Pune
Pune - 411007

Phone : (020) 2569 5653

Fax : 91 20 5690794

Email :








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