Department of Inter Disciplinary School (IDS)

The Interdisciplinary School provides a common platform to all the Departments that come under the Humanities and Social Sciences. In the present age of communication-revolution and knowledge-explosion, the rigid boundaries between Disciplines are withering away. The dialogue between disciplines is being enhanced. It has become necessary to remove the ‘deafness of specialization’ for the comprehensive understanding of human realities. Every social scientist is supposed to play at once a triple role of a specialist, a generalist and an interdisciplinary. Under such conditions, the interdisciplinary studies are becoming very important all over the world. The Indian Universities are launching and promoting the interdisciplinary research and activities on a greater scale. The activities of our Department (I.D.S.), therefore, have a vital importance in the Pune University structure. Keeping this in mind, the Pune University authorities have revived the I.D.S.

Although this department was established about three decades ago (around 1980), it was not given the status of a full-fledged department due to the administrative difficulties and vacant positions. That is why it could not function continuously and its activities had been suspended for a few years. However, considering the present day significance of the interdisciplinary studies, the University authorities decided to revive the I.D.S. (Humanities and Social Sciences) in the academic year 2006-07. Dr. S. M. alias Raja Dixit, Reader, Department of History, was given an additional charge of the Headship of the I.D.S. on 7th July 2006. The I.D.S has been conducting its activities since then within the limits of small infrastructure and resources provided by the University. Some other Department in June 2006 launched Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) Course for the first time on the University campus. But due to some problems, the University          authorities decided to shift the course to I.D.S. (only for one batch, i.e. 2006-08) in the closing stage of the first semester (on 13th Nov. 2006). Dr. S. M. Dixit was given one more additional charge of the Course-in charge, M.S.W. The provisions of a small office and the budget were made after that. The non-teaching staff of the Department was appointed on a purely temporary contractual basis. Two office assistants joined on 14th Dec. and a peon on 21st Dec. 2006. Dr. Dhananjay Lokhande, Lecturer, Dept. of Adult and Continuing Education, was given an additional charge of the coordinator, M.S.W. on 15th March 2007 (up to 30th June 2008) to help the Course-in-charge. To help the H.O.D. and the coordinator, a Fieldwork coordinator was appointed on purely temporary basis whenever necessary. Two lecturers were appointed at the I.D.S. on 10th April 2007 for one year on purely temporary basis under section 77 of Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994 and the ‘University of Potential Excellence’ (U.P.E.) Scheme. Accordingly Shri. Shrikant Botre worked as a lecturer from 10.4.2007 to 9.4.2008 and Dr. Deepti Gangavane from 10.4.2007 to 31.12.2007. A teaching associate (Shri. Vishnu Shrimangale) was also appointed (from 24th Sept 2007 to 31st May 2008) on purely temporary basis under the U.P.E. scheme. Dr. Ms. Manik Kher, a U.G.C. Research Scientist – B, has been associated with the I.D.S. Dr. S. M. alias Raja Dixit is now holding the full charge of the Department since he joined as the Professor (Interdisciplinary Studies) under section 77 of Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994 from 17th Dec. 2008.

Interdisciplinary School (I.D.S.)
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