1. To launch interdisciplinary research projects and to encourage Team Research at the levels of theory and application both.

  2. To launch guidance / orientation programmes for college teachers in order to promote interdisciplinary approach in the activities of undergraduate and post graduate departments in the University and affiliated colleges / institutes.

  3. To introduce innovative courses pertaining to the interdisciplinary development of fundamental knowledge including credit courses complimentary to autonomous courses as well as other degree / diploma courses and to revive and revise the course of M.A. in Social Studies.

  4. To produce research / study material in the form of books, booklets, occasional papers etc.

  5. To provide orientation to active social workers and Non-governmental Organizations (N.G.O.s).

  6. To conduct academic activities such as seminars, workshops, refresher / orientation courses, lectures, lecture-series, discussions, library-service, documentation and resource-centre, field work, extension work etc. for the promotion of interdisciplinary approach.

  7. To establish linkages and to have interaction with other departments / centers on the University campus, affiliated colleges and the research institutes (from local to international levels) for developing Interdisciplinary research / courses.


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