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Physical , Organic, Inorganic, Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Specific fields of Research

Guidance for the M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees is offered in the five main disciplines:

Physical , Organic, Inorganic, Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry and also in Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry. Department is rated as one of the best institute in the country.

  1. Specific Fields of Research : Physical Chemistry

    Theoretical Chemistry :
    Investigation of electron density in co-ordinate and momentum spaces; rigorous bounds and models for atomic and molecular properties. Molecular reactivity, Parallel computing, Weak intermolecular interactions, Molecular Hydration, Molecular Clusters, Molecular visualization, Ab initio calculations on large modules.

    Chemical Kinetics :
    Kinetics and mechanism of fast organic, inorganic and biochemical reactions; Solvent effects

    Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry :
    Color center formation, their transformation with a use for storage of data in the optical computers, luminescence studies, radiation decomposition of oxyanions and of resins with use in a radioactive waste, neutron activation analysis, Tracer techniques of study of the phenomenon of diffusion, Synthesis of nano-size metals

    Spectroscopy :
    Excited state dipole moments from electronic spectra, use of IR integrated intensity to study association; fabrication of C1 NQR spectrometer

    Solid State Materials :
    Molecular Metals for use in high energy density batteries, solar cells, semi-conductor devices, temperature sensors, photo-imaging processes etc.

    Molecular Structure

  2. Specific Fields of Research : Organic Chemistry

    Synthesis :
    Template directed reactions, organometallic reactions for more efficient synthesis, regio-, stereo- and chiral selection, synthesis of biologically active carbocyclic and heterocyclic compounds.

    Natural Products:
    Isolation and structure determination, Synthesis of complex natural products; conversion of natural products.

    Fundamental studies:
    Organic reaction mechanism, mechanism of lithiation reactions, mechanism of unusual reactions, discovery of new reagents and new methodologies, NMR spectroscopy.

    Carbohydrate Chemistry

    Pericyclic Reactions

  3. Specific Fields of Research : Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry

    Reactions of Transition Metal Complexes :
    Reactions of coordinated ligands , redistrbution reaction, preparation of compounds containing in unusual oxidation states

    Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis :
    Synthesis of new series of organometallic compounds, homogeneous catalysis for carbonylation reactions

    Solid State Materials and Heterogeneous Catalysis :
    Synthesis of oxides and metal oxides such as - doped -F , NiO, CoO, NiF, SnFe.

    NiFe2O4, ZnFe2O4

    Bioinorganic Chemistry & Bio-memetic Chemistry :
    Study of molecular mechanism of water oxidation in plant photo-synthesis, ionophores for sequential transport of alkali and alkaline earth cations , implication of copper and zinc in inflammatory disorders, synthesis of metal complexes as therapeutic agents and DNA cleavages

    Molecular Magnetism

    Supra molecular Chemistry
    Synthesis and characterization of Tec tons, Secondary building units and metallo supramolecular assemblies, water clusters etc.

    Inorganic Photochemistry
    Photochemistry and Photobiology Organic and Inorganic Compounds in Presence of biologically relevant biomolecules.

  4. Specific fields of Reserch : Biochemistry

    Genetic Engineering :
    DNA sequencing by M 13 cloning and sequencing system, Development of a prenatal diagnostic procedure for sickle cell anaemia and thalasemia using restriction endo-nuclease polymorphism and PCR, Mutation characterisation and typing of retinitis pigmentosa in Indian population using PCR .

    Applied and basic Enzymology :
    Immobilized enzyme systems, Affinity chromatography

    Fundamental Studies :
    Newer methods of separation of polysaccharides like starch agar and thir applications for gel filtration, ion exchange chromatography and electrophoresis, Enhancing the process of seed germination.
    Biochemical aspects of plant lectines and glycosidoses

    Biosensors :

    Drug resistance and Microbial Metabolism
    Toxicological Studies of Xenobiotics and Microbial degradation of xenobiotics Environmental pollution).

    Study in antioxidant potential of medicinal plants and fruits/vegetables.
    Studies on non-conventional sources of nutrients and neutraceuticals.


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