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Academic Programmes

Department of Chemistry is one of the well-recognised departments in the country, well known for its excellence in teaching and research.

Masters Program (M.Sc.)

Admission to our M. Sc. program are strictly on merit through an Entrance Examination conducted in June each year. About hundred students are admitted in the first year and distributed in five branches (Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic and Physical )with an effective average student: teacher ratio 3:1.

30% seats are reserved for students from other Universities.
The reservation of SC ,ST, DT/ NT and OBC seats is done according to the Govt. rules.
General requirements for the M. Sc. degree includes the completion of 14 instructional courses and 6 laboratory courses, including research dessertation and a system of continuous evaluation through class tests and oral examinations.

Research Programs (M.Phil. & Ph. D.)

Guidance for the M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees is offered in all the five main disciplines:
Honours and awards received by different of faculty
The following awards were received by the faculty as well as non-teaching staff of the Department of Chemistry, Pune University.

Name of Faculty Prize/Award/Fellowship Received Month, Year/ Duration
Prof. N.S. Narsimhan Fellow of Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.
CRSI Lifetime Achievement Award
R.S. Mali
V.K. Joag Award  
B.S.M. Rao
V.K. Joag Award  
S. B. Padhye Acharya P.Ray Memorial Award in Inorganic Chemistry, India  
Prof. S.R. Gadre S.S. Bhatnagar Award.
Fellow of Academy of Sciences, Bangalore,
Fellow of National Academy, New Delhi.
CRSI Silver Medal.
J.C. Bose Fellowship.
Navneet Rao Endowment Lecture
Dr. V.K. Joag Award.
N. S. Rajurkar Indian Friendship Society  
D. D. Dhavale INSA-German Academy Exchange of Scientist Award
INSA-Italy Academy Exchange of Scientist Award
INSA-Koria Academy Exchange of Scientist Award
Fellow of Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.
CRSI Bronze Medal
V.K. Joag Award
M.S. Wadia Endowment Award
S. B. Waghmode JSPS, Japan-University of Gifu, Japan, Under Japanese Society for Promotion of Science, Post-Doctoral Fellowship
"Young Scientist Award"
from Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI), Bangalore.
November 2002 June 2004
Shri. Prabhu Desai Late Shri.Gole Award.  



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