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Events & Activities

  • The department organsied 'Maharashtra Journalism Education Meet' in February 2011. This was probably the first ever conference of journalism educators in Maharashtra. Around 50 journalism educators from all over the state participated in the conference.

  • Jagzap Memorial Lecture 2010-11 by Girish Kuber, Executive Editor, Loksatta on 'Wiki, Radia and media'.

  • Padhye Memorial Lecture by Rajeev Khandekar, Chief Editor, Star Maaza on 'Challenges before the Media'

  • Departmental Seminar on 'Issue in Urbanisation' in March 2011.

  • Get-together of past students of the department in Feb. 2011

Memorial Lectures:

Every year the department organises, in association with respective committees, Dr.S. R. Jagzap Memorial Lecture on or about S"' December and Prabhakar Padhye Memorial Lecture on or about 22"" March on media-related topics.

In 2009-10 Dr. S. R. Jagzap Memorial Lecture was delivered by Mr. Paresh Mokashi, Director of National Award-winning film 'Harishchandrachi Factory'.

The department, in its 45 year long history, has organised many seminars, symposia, workshops in which eminent personalities form various walks of life have participated. Prominent national and International organisations (like Press Council of India, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung etc.) have partnered with the department for the organisation of media-related activities.

The department's students have taken part in several studies and surveys conducted by/ for major media and academic institutions in the country. They include Election Surveys, Audience Research, Content Analysis etc.

Major events since 2007

  • UGC-sponsored National Conference on 'Regional Language Media in India: New Era, New Challenges' in February 2007.

  • Seminar on 'Women in Media: Fighting Stereotypes' in November 2008 in collaboration with MICCI, New Delhi.

  • Symposium on Blogging was organised in March 2009 in collaboration with Madhyamites.

  • Symposium on new media titled 'Expanding Media Horizons' in February 2010.

  • Departmental Seminar on 'Exploring Avenues' March 2009.

  • Departmental Seminar on 'Journalism, as we practice it' in March 2010.

  • Get-together of past students of the department in February 2009 and 2010 (this is an annual event since 2004).



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