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Verification & Revaluation of Answer books


A candidate at the University examinations may be eligible to apply for Verification of marks and Revaluation of answer book(s), within 10 days from the date of declaration of result, subject to the following conditions :

A candidate may apply for verification of marks of all subjects appeared at the examination concerned. And for revaluation of answer books, a candidate may apply upto 50% of heads of passing in theory subject/s or maximum three heads of passing in theory subject/s, whichever is less, at the University examination in which he/she has appeared at the said University examination.

Revaluation of answer books includes the process of verification of marks. Candidate can apply for revaluation of answer book(s) only out of the subject(s) applied for verification of marks.

The revaluation of the answer book/s, however, shall not be permitted in respect of scripts of Practical Examination / Term work / Internal Assessment/ Sessional Marks / Dissertation / Thesis / Clinical / MCQ (Multiple Choice Question in practical examination) and Viva-Voca etc.


Regular candidate have to apply through the Principal / Director of respective College / Recognised Institute only.

External candidate have to apply directly to University Office.


Application forms for Verification of marks & Revaluation of answer book(s) can be purchased from any affiliated College/Recognised Institute in the jurisdiction of University of Pune. Application forms are also available at Publication Section of University Office and also at Sub-centres of University at Nashik and Ahmednagar.


Application for Non-professional courses Rs.20/-

Application for Professional courses Rs.30/-

Fees :


Fees for Verification of marks - Rs.95/- per subject.

Fees for Verification of marks + Revaluation of answer books - Rs.275/- per subject.


Fees for Verification of marks - Rs.120/- per subject.

Fees for Verification of marks + Revaluation of answer books - Rs.365/- per subject.


Regular candidate should pay fees for Verification of marks & Revaluation of answer book(s) in their respective College / Institute.

External candidate should pay fees for Verification of marks & Revaluation of answer book(s) by Challan in Bank of Maharashtra, University Branch, Ext. Counter.

External candidate can send their application forms for Verification of marks & Revaluation of answer book(s) by post, with Demand Draft of requisite fees. Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of REGISTRAR, UNIVERSITY OF PUNE on any Nationalized Bank. Such applications should be addressed to The Controller of Examinations, University of Pune, Ganeshkhind, Pune-411 007, with note on envelop “Application for Verification & Revaluation”. UNIVERSITY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY POSTAL DELAY.


  • Candidate should submit only one application for one examination.

  • Separate application has to be submitted for each examination.

  • No application for Verification of marks and Revaluation of answer book(s) shall be entertained unless

  • A Xerox copy of the statement of marks at the examination concerned is enclosed with the application.

  • Seat Number, Subject code, nomenclature of theory paper(s), marks obtained and examination center are correctly filled up.

  • Exact amount of fee as prescribed in the rule is remitted.

  • In process of Verification of marks following factors are be verified :

  • The answer-book contains the number of supplements recorded.

  • All the answers of the questions are assessed by the examiners.

  • The total of the marks is correctly counted and recorded.

  • For Verification of marks in respect of script of Practical and Oral examination, marks on the record only may be verified.

    In process of Revaluation of answer-book(s), answer-book(s) will get revaluated by another examiner. The benefit of the revaluation shall be given to a candidate if the original marks and the marks obtained after revaluation exceed by 5% or more of the maximum marks of the theory paper(s) and only these marks will be accepted by the University and are binding on the candidate.

  • The marks obtained by the candidate in any individual question or section of the subject / course / paper / head of passing shall not be communicated.

  • A Candidate applying for revaluation of answer-book(s) shall note that the result of the revaluation of his/her answer-book(s) of theory paper(s) shall be binding on him/her and that he/she shall accept the revised marks obtained in his/her theory paper(s) after revaluation.

  • The revised marks obtained by the candidate after revaluation as accepted by the University shall be taken into account for the purpose of amendment of his/her result in accordance with the rules of the University made in that behalf.

  • For the purpose of this Ordinance, revaluation of the answer-book(s) of the theory paper(s) shall be deemed to be an additional facility provided to the students with a view to improve upon their results at the preceding University Examination, it being understood that delay in the declaration of revaluation result for any reason, whatsoever, shall not confer any right upon them for admission to the next higher class and such matters shall always be regulated in accordance with the relevant ordinance(s) and rules or regulations framed by the University in that behalf.

    RESULT :

    For regular candidate : Result of Verification of marks and Revaluation of answer-book(s) will be send to the respective College / Recognised Institute.

    For external candidate : Result of Verification of marks and Revaluation of answer-book(s) will be send on the address mentioned in the application by post.

    Those students who will obtain the application form from website are requested to add Rs. 20/- for Non-professional course and Rs. 30/- for Professional course as the case may be towards an Application Form Fee in addition to above Verification / Revaluation fee.

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