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Students Health Services

Dr. Dudhgaonkar S. M.
Co-ordinator,   Students'
Health Service Scheme
and Residential Medical Officer,
Health Centre.

MBBS, Diploma in Child Health

Tel :25693295

Address :
 Health Centre,
 Savitribai Phule Pune University ,
 Pune 411007

Dental Camp 27 to 30 January 2020.

Students’ Health Services Scheme was established to promote physical, mental & social well being of the students of the Savitribai Phule Pune University & it’s affiliated colleges. Health Check up of every first year (after XIIth std) and hostel students seeking admission in Savitribai Phule Pune University and it’s affiliated colleges is compulsory. This is for benefit of the students as unrecognized disease/s which they are not aware of can be detected at the time of the check-up and the treatment can be taken at appropriate time.

Every college should have a co-ordinator who will be responsible for the implementation of Students’ Health Service Scheme in his/her college. Health checkup should be done in college premises. If the number of students exceed 100, then health checkup may be conducted with the help of panel of doctors. Lady students should be examined by lady doctors.

The students are advised to correct the illnesses detected at the time of health checkup. The college should also organize health education activities with the help of local doctors.

Facilities provided by Students’ Health Services Scheme, University of Pune campus.

  • Specialists’ Consultation Services (Free for all students): Physician, General Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, Skin specialist, Orthopedic surgeon, Eye surgeon, Dental surgeon, Gynecologist, Ayurvedic physician, Homeopathic specialist visit Students’ Health centre according to time table.

  • Dental Clinic and Ophthalmology : Extraction, Cement filling, Silver filling, prophylaxis, Root canal treatment ,Dental X-ray is done at nominal charges whereas prescription of glasses is provided free to all the students.

  • Mental health service & Counseling Services (Free for all Students): It includes health and lifestyle counseling.

  • Financial help for deserving students: Financial help is given to deserving students for their ailments, surgical procedures, hospitalization etc. as per the University of Pune rules.

  • Health check of Hostel and International students: Routine health check up is conducted.

  • Yoga education for students: Yoga education Center in collaboration with Kaivalyadham Lonavla. Separate classes (two in the morning and two in the evening) for males & females. There are two yoga instructors (one female & one male)

  • Certificate course in Yoga: A part time 3 months duration course in collaboration with Kaivalyadham Lonavla. In all nine such courses were held. Next course will commence from 3rd August 2009.

  • Physiotherapy Service: Visiting physiotherapist (five days in a week), Electronic traction, short wave diathermy, ultra sound, Interferential therapy unit, therapeutic exercises with the help of Thera band, thera tubes, dumb bells etc. are available.

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Programme : Hepatitis B Vaccination Programme started from academic year 2005-06. Three dose are given at a nominal cost of Rs. 100/- to the students. For employees the facility is free.

  • Various Camps: Various camps such as Yoga Camps, Blood donation camp, Homeopathy camp, cancer detection camp, Fitness evaluation camp etc are held regularly.

  • Health education & financial management activities for senior citizens. From the year 2008-09, University of Pune has started Senior Citizens Unit. Health Services, University of Pune organised many programs for the benefit of senior citizens. The activity was inaugurated by Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. Narendra Jadhav. Number of health education activities were organized for the benefit of the senior citizens. Next program is on Wednesday, 8th July 2009.

  • Health education activities:
    12.1) Health education lectures are organized with the help of audio-visual aids the topics include adolescent health, Healthy life style, Health concerns of University students, HIV/AIDS , Sexually Transmitted Infection, Sex education, first aid, health hazards of tobacco, alcohol & drug etc.
    12.2) Published booklet on frequently asked questions on HIV/AIDS & Sexuality.
    Print media & electronic media gave wide publicity to the aforesaid activity.
    12.3) Helpline through telephone on HIV/AIDS & Sexuality.

    University of Pune “Helpline (telephone counseling) on HIV/AIDS”, Sexually Transmitted Infections, & Sexuality. Telephone number is 020-25691117, 020-25601350.


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