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 External Students

Registration and Admission of External Candidates to the University of Pune.

A large number of aspiring students cannot undertake regular courses in the Colleges or in the departments of the University of Pune either due to lack of financial resources or non-availability of time to attend full-time courses or because they stay at remote places far away from the colleges. Some of them are either employed or housewives or even senior citizens unable to join regular courses.

University of Pune for last several decades is facilitating such students through its External Registration Program which allows them to register for certain courses, undertake self-study of the stipulated syllabi and directly appear for the examinations leading to graduate or post-graduate degrees in certain faculties.

Under this program, University of Pune awards graduate degrees such as B.A. and B.Com. and Post-Graduate Degrees such as M.A., M.Com, M.Sc. (Maths), M.A. (Maths), L.L.M. and Class Improvement of certain examinations. This facility is being availed by about 50,000 students annually.


Instructions for External Students

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