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What would 16th century philosopher-mathematician Rene Descartes proclaim if he were reborn in the 21st century? Well, he would definitely modify his famous 'I think therefore, I am' to 'I communicate therefore, I am'. No doubt, communication is as old as the history of mankind, but what makes 21st century an 'Age of Communication' is the growing complexity and centrality of communication in all human endeavors as never before. This communication revolution- heralded by different technologies- has left no aspect of individual and social life untouched. From family dynamics to cultural milieu, from educational requirements to corporate competitions, from political strategies to developmental planning…..almost every field now requires more and more communication inputs and insights at every stage. Naturally, this situation necessitates the inclusion of communication as a special discipline in the regular academic programs so that a systematic flow of such communication inputs and trained manpower is maintained.

University of Pune, foreseeing such needs established Department of Communication Studies in July 1990. University of Pune was one of the first universities in India to recognize that academic training in Communication means much more than mass communication in general and journalism in particular. The Department was therefore, named as ‘Department of Communication Studies’. The name and the course are thus in tune with the trend in the academics as well as in the industry.

Department has been successfully running a two years full time Masters Course in Communication Studies (M.Cm.S.) since its inception. While expanding the scope of academic training beyond journalism, Department has identified Video Production and Media Research as its strength areas. Over the years, the course has also incorporated emerging areas in the fields of mass communication, interpersonal and organizational communication while keeping our strength areas in focus.

This constant endeavor to tune in to the demands of the ever-changing media industry and maintain high academic standards has earned the Department its reputation as one of the best courses in the field of Communication Studies in the India. University of Pune has been given the highest Five Star status by the National Assessment and Accreditation Committee (NAAC) for its overall performance. It has also been identified as ‘Potential for Excellence’ by University Grants Commission (UGC)- the apex body for higher education in India. Department of Communication Studies upholds this legacy of University in letter and spirit. The bright career path our alumni have been following in different fields of media and communication is just one testimony of this legacy.

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Online application forms for admissions 2011 will be available from first week of May.Entrance exam on 8th June 2011 8th June 2011  


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