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Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) provides financial support for conducting research and development activities related to Space Science, Space Technology and Space Application in Universities and academic institutions in India. The research program sponsored by ISRO is called RESPOND, and its aim is to encourage quality research in areas like study of Atmospheric Science dealing with winds and dynamics, boundary layer forecasting, mathematical modeling etc. The University of Pune has collaborated with ISRO for the development of bio-hydrocarbon fuels from renewable natural sources by permitting construction of a pilot plant shed in the University campus. More than 6=1 joint research projects have been undertaken in areas like: Geo-informatics, Remote Sensing applications. Material Sciences, Biodiversity, Instrumentation. and Image processing are a few of the ongoing projects.

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Summary of findings of 11 research projects under ISRO-UoP Joint Research Programme
completed in the year 2011-12 

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