Centre for Energy Studies (Earlier School of Energy Studies since 1978)
(Department of Technology)

  • The Centre for Energy Studies (CES) is a centre focused on energy technologies . CES is a part of School of Technology in Savitribai Phule Pune University which is accredited with the highest rating of ‘A’ by NAAC, the National Accreditation and Assessment Council of India.

  • Energy is the most important application area of engineering and technology and the Centre for Energy Studies is focused on energy generation from conventional, renewable; waste material as well as energy conservation and management.

  • Centre was established in 1978 as the School of Energy studies in response to global concerns about the rising demands for energy and the depletion of fossil fuels. The Centre has undertaken teaching, research and development in the field of energy in close collaboration with industries. Most of the research activities undertaken by the school are related to non-conventional energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, biogas and biomass and interdisciplinary research. Centre provides consultancy to Industries & advice to government agencies on policy and standards related to energy.

  • The Centre works in close collaboration with industries, state nodal agencies and government agencies responsible for promotion or new and renewable sources . The Centre had established a unique Energy Park where solar thermal and photovoltaic devices have been installed for the purpose of live demonstration, hands-on training and research. The centre has also established test facilities for photovoltaic, solar thermal, energy storage and hydrogen with support from Government and University.

  • The centre offers M. Tech. and Ph. D. programs in all disciplines related to energy. In addition, it offers certificate and training programs in various energy related areas like, solar power, solar thermal, energy storage and hydrogen. All the laboratories are well equipped with the latest equipment and software tools required for M.Tech , Ph.D programs & research. The university where the centre is located has excellent infrastructure including Library, Laboratories and Sports facilities.

  • Curriculum is designed with extensive industry input and many lectures are delivered by experts from industries. All programs are credit-based. The Centre seeks to prepare students with a solution-mindset and with a high degree of ethical standards. Recruiters from the best companies and institutes in India and abroad seek out these students.

  • Apart from this, the centre organizes various national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, colloquia, contests, training programs, etc. giving researchers and students an opportunity to network.

  • Outstanding students aspiring for careers in energy engineering and technology, from across the country are enrolled in the centre from all disciplines of engineering.

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