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PUSA stands for "Pune University Statistics Association". The usual activities of PUSA include first year and second year B.Sc. quiz competition, B.Sc. and M.Sc project competition, picnics, camps, social gathering, other social functions, running students' library ect.

    As a cocurricular activity, a students association has always been active in the Department. The usual activities include picnics, social gatherings other social functions, running a student library etc. The library has few hundred-text books. In 1990, Professor V.S.Huzurbazar donated a tidy sum to the association with the stipulation that interest on the sum be given to a deserving student on the basis of merit-cum-need as Mrs. Prabhavati Huzurbazar award. Professor Huzurbazar's example has been emulated by many others including past students, and a fund of over one lakh rupees has been received as donations. The interest on the sum is exclusively meant for giving awards to deserving M.Sc. students.


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