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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was previously a part of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, which had been established in 1950. The segregation of the Department of Mathematics from the Department of Statistics took place in 1978. At present, the Department has 8 members on its teaching faculty and 1 member on its non-teaching staff.

The Department of Mathematics is one of the important departments of the University. It is a fully equipped Department with library which has a collection of about 2,5OO books and subscribes to 4 mathematical journals. The departmental library receives a grant of Rs. 5,40,000/- per annum from the National Board of higher Mathematics, India. At present, the library also enjoy financial support from the university Grants Commission, India and under the CQSIST scheme of the University Grants Commission. Department is in process to develop a centre of excellence in mathematical teaching and research.






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