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Department of Electronic Science

Among the host of activities of the department of electronic science, the major ones are teaching, research and consultancy. The teaching program contains a proper blend of basic concepts and advances in technology. The faculty has succeeded in keeping a lively atmosphere among the students, with timely upgradations in the curriculum and innovative teaching techniques. The teaching is closely coupled with the research activities of the department. The research thrust of the department is on achieving scientific and technological excellence, through front line research problems with broader socio-scientific relevance. The interactions of faculty and research students with institutes of repute within the country and abroad have proved to be highly fruitful in this regard. There have been collaborative research programs, which were appreciated widely. The department also maintains a close link with industry through consultancy projects. The interaction with industry has been mutually beneficial. For the industries it offered just-in-time solutions to their problems at moderate costs. On the other hand it has also been useful in developing a better understanding of the local and global industry and helped in proper diversification and streamlining of the ongoing activities and evolving the academic programs of the department.

The Department of Electronic Science is an integral part of the Pune University. It is producing post-graduates and doctors of excellent caliber. The well-equipped laboratories form the backbone of the department by contributing significantly to the practical adeptness of the students. The department offers courses, which are industrial as well as research oriented.

The Department of Electronic Science is an integral part of the University of Pune founded in 1984, successfully producing postgraduates and doctors of excellent calibre, well-informed about the state of art technologies. At present around 30 students graduate from the department every year with more than 500 students having passed out of the department uptil now, who are all pursuing successful ventures / careers.



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