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  • Research Component at M.Ed. Program

    Research at the post-graduate level is compulsory according to the course curriculum. So in the department every post-graduate student is engaged in Research work to learn the methodology of research work.

  • Ph.D. Research Program

    16 Ph.D. (in 2008) students completed their Ph.D. research work in this year at the department and 150 Ph.D. fellows work is in the process.

  • Area of Research

    Research programmes are available to enable a student to conceptualize and implement a major research project on a topic of student’s personal interest. It is aimed at making contribution to existing knowledge and improvement of professional practice by extending knowledge, expertise and skills of students through the application of research to educational problems and issues. In the programme of research, students will be made aware about research methodologies, Research shall be firmly established in student’s professional life. In the Department of Education & Extension student will conduct research work with well established research community and receive an opportunity to participate in staff and student forums and conferences.

  • The Department of Education and Extension currently has following research strengths

  • Literacy, Elementary & School Education

  • Teacher Education & Professional development

  • Science, Math’s & Technology Education

  • Culture, Language and diversity

  • Psychology, Counseling, & Value Education, Peace Education, Learning & Leadership

  • Health, Physical Education & recreation studies.

  • Quality of Education

  • Development & Education

  • Inclusive Education


    Departmental Research Guides

    Sr. No. Name of Guide
    1 Prof. Sanjeev Sonawane
    2 Prof. Megha Uplane
    3 Dr. Geeta Shinde
    4 Dr. Nisha valvi
    5 Dr. Vaibhav Jadhav
    6 Dr. Gayatri Choukade

    Departmental Associate Research Guides (New)

    Sr. No. Name of Guide
    1 Dr. Bhadane Krishna Punjaram
    2 Dr. Bhosale Sachin Machindra
    3 Dr. Gaikwad Suvarna Pramod
    4 Dr. Gorde Bharat Jayram
    5 Dr. Kulkarni Atul Prakash
    6 Dr. Ramteke Anjali Rajendra
    7 Dr. Randive Sham Baburao
    8 Dr. Tupe Navnath Bhagchand

    Departmental Associate Research Guides (Old)

    Sr. No. Name of Guide
    1 Dr. Chavan Shashikant Jagannath
    2 Dr. Bhadane Murlidhar Abhiman
    3 Dr. Dond Gorakh Rabhaji
    4 Dr. Chavan Kishorbhai Shankarrao
    5 Dr. Suryawanshi Milind Rajaram
    6 Dr. Tikhe Neelima Narayan
    7 Dr. Dhamane Vijay Fakira
    8 Dr. Chavan Dipak Kedusheth
    9 Dr. Nannar Ramdas Kisan
    10 Dr. Adamuthe Sujata Prashant
    11 Dr. Chobhe Ravindra Maruti
    12 Dr. Kumawat Amarnath Shantaram
    13 Dr. Kulkarni Atul Prakash
    14 Dr. Borate Manoj Kanta
    15 Dr. Bhadane Krishna Punjaram
    16 Dr. Bhandarkar Ashlesha Avinash

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