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Advance Technology Blind Student Learning Center

Department of education and extension-Advanced technology blind student learning centre, University of Pune.

University of Pune is recognized as potential of excellence and NAAC accredited ĎAí grade university, Prof. Narendra Jadhav a visionary vice chancellor of the University given a vision to establish Advanced technology blind student learning centre under the administration of Department of education and extension, university of Pune to impart scientific, technological and professional Education to visually challenged people in order to provide them equal opportunities in higher education.


  • To provide disability support service for visually challenged students studying various academic departments of
    Pune university and affiliated colleges of the university jurisdiction.

  • To make course material accessible required for visually challenged students and provide educational and work place solution to them.

  • To solve education and career related problems of visually challenged students by undertaking various ambitious projects such as developing book reading software's in vernacular languages, modification of screen reading software and other assistive technology for better use etc.

  • To explore new possibilities and fields where visually challenged students can make their career and work efficiently as well as independently by collaborating our university with several non government organizations, private industries, research centres and universities working in this field for conducting collaborative research.


The centre is equipped with state-to-the art facilities of advance hardware's and software's necessary for visually challenged students which create an environment for learning to visually challenged students and assistive technology research.

The centre has two wings

A computer lab and a talking book studio.

  • Computer lab

    It is a specially equipped lab consisting advance computer systems with full net connectivity loaded with screen reader / talking software's like JAWS, Kurzweil, talking typing teacher, spell well, Ubuntu Linux screen reader etc specially designed for visually challenged people to provide independent computer operating ability and internet access.
    It also consists of sophisticated equipments like Braille printers, , book reading machine, brailler etc required for higher education.

  • Talking book studio

    It is a small studio having sound proof room consist of audiovisual recorder and computerize daisy books creator useful for recording books and making their cassettes and CDs.

We have following software's and hardware's facilities.

  • Hardware's

    Ten computers

    (Hp Intel core 2 die 1.86 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, 17 inches ft screen) with full net connectivity.

    2 special Linux work stations

    [a] a ubundtu Linux machine loaded with special screen reader called orca, accessible for visually challenged.
    [b] a fedora Linux machine loaded with ORCA screen reader.

    Tiger pro Braille embosser

    A large sized Braille printer which prints electronics text in to Braille. It also can take Braille print outs of graph, charts, tables and mathematical text called nimathe Braille.

    Basic index d

    small sized Braille printer it can take Braille print out of electronic material.

    Braille type writer

    it is a small sized Braille typing machine used for fast Braille typing.

    Zoom X instant reader

    it is a document reader which takes photographs of document and convert it in to electronic text for reading.

  • Software's

    JAWS for windows

    it is a screen reader which provide global speech environment to computer which enable visually challenged people to work on computer independently.

    Kerzwel 1000

    it is a book reading software which is used for scanning books and reading.

    Talking typing teacher

    it is a software which guide new computer user to get familiar with key board and fast typing.

    Spell well

    it is a software used for spelling practice.

Courses offered by the centre

At present we are providing short term courses to needy people including visually challenged students as well as normal people who are related to education of visually challenged people.
We have designed a short time crash course of basic computer operating for visually challenged students.

  • Certificate course in computer application

    We are running this course in summer vacation with nominal admission fees in the form of deposit which will be return to them after successful completion of the course.

    Apart from these courses, Students can also contact for any special or advance training of computer science at any time in academic year. Their need is individualized by analyzing requirement, and course for admitting person or group of persons is designed accordingly by our expertise in special circumstances.

    We are implementing some schemes for benefit of visually challenged students and functionaries working in their education.

  • Educational rehabilitation scheme

    This scheme is initiated by our centre for the students who met with disability accidentally result of which they could not complete there education. We analyze such cases and try to find their problems. Then their need is identified and courses are designed accordingly by our expertise. In such courses, they are trained to use assistive devices for independent working and after these special courses they are encouraged to continue their education.

  • Teacher preparation schemes for special education

    The scheme is initiated by university grants commission in 1998 under the ninth educational plan for creating awareness among teachers of integrated schools and colleges. We are planning to implement the schemes for our teachers by organizing teacher training programme, various seminars and workshops etc for school teachers and colleges of Pune university jurisdiction. We also provide special short term crash courses or part time courses to teachers according to their need.

  • Educational and Career counseling

    It is a big problem for visually challenged students to choose their career. They have lot of apprehension and uncertainty regarding to their future.

    Students as well as their parents are unaware that in which field they can pursue their education and make their career effectively. Understanding need of students, we have started educational and career counseling at the centre. Our career experts provide educational and career solution by analyzing studentís interest, skill and background after discussing with them. We help students to take their education and career related decisions by providing appropriate knowledge about current scenario. We teach our students to create effective resume, prepare them for interview and present their skill Effectively.

    The centre is planning to start placement cell for visually challenged students of the university which will communicate capabilities of differently able students to potential employers and help differently able student in seeking their job.

Our complete mailing address

Advanced technology blind student learning centre,
Kher Arts building,
University of Pune,
Ganesh Khind Pune
Pin 411007.

phone number

020 25601352

Contact persons

Mr. Dhananjay Bhole,



The Centre is administered by department of education and extension, University of Pune.

Dr. Sanjay Sonavane
Professor and head,
Department of education and extension,
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Bhavan,
University of Pune,
Ganesh Khind Pune 411007.

Phone No.

020 25601301

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