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Welcome to Department of Philosophy

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”- Socrates

Philosophy is an activity of critical inquiry and a comprehensive process of thought. It involves testing and evaluating positions, uncovering assumptions and examining philosophical systems. Philosophy, being a rational inquiry, sharpens our thinking, enriches our understanding and expands our intellectual horizons. To acquaint students with such a philosophical understanding the department of Philosophy offers programs of teaching and research in philosophy at M.A, M.Phil. & Ph.D level covering various fields of philosophy e.g. Classical Indian and Western Tradition, Buddhism, Jainism, Nyaya Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion, Logic, Philosophical Reasoning, Ethics, Applied Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Socio-Political Philosophy and Saints Philosophy. The department also offers two certificate courses for students namely Introduction to Indian Philosophy and Introduction to Western Philosophy. The department is committed to provide such an enabling environment wherein young minds can get good exposure of different areas of Philosophy and can learn methods of philosophical inquiry.

Philosophy Department is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year (2015-16)

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