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M.A. (Economics) 2023-24 Entrance examination syllabus.

Course Structure and Curriculum

The M.A. Programme

The Credit-Semester system is being followed for the M.A. program at the Department with a total of four semesters. Every semester students have to appear for two or three core or compulsory papers. Apart from the compulsory papers, they are required to offer one or two non-core or optional papers each semester. For each semester a student has to take up four courses. The following are the compulsory and optional papers offered by the Department of Economics from July 2017: 

Marks and Evaluation

Each paper carries 100 marks and four credits. The marks for each paper are divided as 50 internal and 50 external. Internal examinations comprise of oral tests, quizzes, assignments, presentations or written tests. At the end of the semester, each paper has a 50 marks written external examination. For passing in each course, a candidate must obtain 40 per cent in the aggregate. The eligibility for passing also includes obtaining 15 marks in the internal and 15 marks in the external examination each. Internal examinations cannot be repeated once the semester is over and the student gets two chances to re-appear for the external examinations.

Standards of Passing and Grade

40 per cent but less than 50 per cent of aggregate marks would be 'C' Grade.
50 per cent but less than 60 per cent of the aggregate marks would be 'B' Grade.
60 per cent but less than 70 per cent of the aggregate marks would be 'A' Grade.
70 per cent and more of the aggregate marks would be 'O' grade.
Attendance - full time attendance of students is required.

75% attendance is compulsory.

The Fees for the course approximately come to Rs. 5,000/- for a within state candidate per year.

Syllabi for Semester I and semester II have started from July 2017; the syllabi for semester III and semester IV only the subject titles are given below, the full text of the syllabi will be available after the academic approval from the University Authorities

For the entire syllabus please click on the following link:

MA at the Department of Economics - New Syllabus-July 2017

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