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Welcome to Department of Law

Depratment of Law 

The Department was established by the University in the year 1965, in order to cater to the growing demands of legal education in the country under the stewardship of Prof. Dr.S.K.Agrawala.

The untiring efforts of Prof.Agrawala, as a founder head of the Department, richly enabled the department to earn its reputation in national and international academic circles as a centre of excellence. Over the years, in tune with the line of research established by its founder, the department has remained in the forefront, developing its research programmes in tune with contemporary realities and the needs of legal education in the country.

In view of its techniques of teaching and its research of a high degree, imparted with precision according to the contemporary needs of society it has been rated as one of the best educational institutions both nationally and internationally. The constant endeavors of the department to meet the standards of legal education across borders impressed the Association of Commonwealth Universities to rate the department as the fifth best department in the Commonwealth of Nations in the field of legal education.

In line with its reputation, to focus on contemporary social requirements and realities, the department over the years, has adopted a number of focus areas in its PG Programme. Accordingly, it has shifted its focus to highlight the inter relationship of Law with Science and Technology, Human Rights, Intellectual Property Rights, Consumer Law, International Trade and Commercial Law, International Law, Constitution and Administrative Law aspects.

Since its establishment, the department over the years has awarded more than hundred doctorates on various facets of law.
Hailed as one of the best legal education centers of the country, many of its students occupy high positions in various avocations around the world.

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