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International Students

All International students have to apply through the office of the International Center of University of Pune. Auditions and Entrance Test for all International Students are mandatory. It is Mandatory for them to have minimum knowledge of the regional Indian language besides English as under. For Music : Hindi, For Dance: Familiarity with Sanskrit and Hindi, For Theatre: Knowledge of Marathi language is mandatory. These are culture and language specific professional course based on the thousand year old oral traditions of Indian performing arts.

These courses are not for the beginners. it is advisable for the foreign students to come initially as a casual students by paying charges for casual studentship. Take training for the preparations of Audition and Entrance test for one academic year and then apply. Their fees are as per the rules of international center. University of Pune (Appx: fives times higher than the native students and in  addition administrative charges payable in U.S.$ to the international  center. their Students Visas, Medical Test, English Language Test and other formalities are administered through international center. Equivalence of their minimum educational qualifications is subjected to the approval of association of Indian Universities, Delhi through international Center of University of Pune.






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