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Chair of Mahatma Jotirao Phule

The name Mahatma Jotirao Phule is synonymous with the Social Revolutionary change that swept India in the nineteenth century. As a tribute to the deeply respected & revered ‘Father of the Social Revolutionary Movement’, the University of Pune, which symbolisms social commitment and academic excellence, has started an independent Chair named after Mahatma Jotirao Phule. With the sole intention of creating an awareness about the life & works of Mahatma Phule, the University of Pune takes pride in spreading the message to humanity at large. He really embodies the motto of the University of Pune which runs, "Ya Kriyawan Sa Panditaha" (learned is one who is ceaselessly active). In the true sense of the term, Mahatma Phule lived the life of a dynamic revolutionary who brought reformatory changes in the caste – ridden, superstitious and orthodox society of Maharashtra.

After several discussions among academics, scholars, activists and the University officials, the objectives of the Chair were crystallized and are as follows

  • to carry out studies & research,

  • to collect & document various forms and types of literature, articles and other related material and,

  • to disseminate and extend knowledge and information, related to Mahatma Phule's thoughts, works and the various social revolutionary movements.

Many useful and society - oriented activities are being conducted by the Chair. It is expected that, a greater number of people will participate in them. Efforts are also being made by the Chair to bring in simplicity & suitability in organizing the activities. The spirit of, ' I am for the Chair & the Chair is for me" will be inculcated in the people.

The Chair is located on the picturesque campus of the University of Pune. As a part of the University's mission i.e. excellence in education, the Chair is committed to this noble cause.

In addition to this, the Chair takes pride in planning and arranging programmes & activities relating to human values; e. g. equality, justice, fraternity, development & empowerment of the masses especially of the weaker sections, which were visualised through the spread of education. Accordingly, the developmental activities are being conducted by the Chair to bring desirable changes in the attitude & outlook of the people to earn the title of members of a truly 'Progressive Nation'.

Advisory Committee ( 2002-on)

  • Dr. Ashok Kolaskar, Vice - Chancellor & Chairman.

  • Dr. Ram Takwale.

  • Dr. Baba Adhav.

  • Dr. Govind Gare

  • Director of Education, Higher Education ( Maharashtra.).

  • Shri. Shashikant Savarkar.

  • Dr. Sadanand More.

  • Shri. Krishnakant Kudale.

  • Shri. Hari Narke.

  • Prof. Tej Niwalikar.

  • Dr. Satish Shirsath, Co-ordinator- Mahatma Phule Chair & Member Secretary.

Website Development Committee

  • Dr. Ram Takwale, Chairman.

  • Dr. Sharad Gore.

  • Prof. Tej Niwalikar.

  • Shri. Sanjay Londhe.

  • Dr. Satish Shirsath, Member Secretary.

  • Miss. Leena V. Dasnurkar.

Content Experts

  • Dr. Baba Adhav.

  • Shri. Hari Narke.


  • Dr. Satish Shirsath.


  • Dr. John Gaikwad.

  • Prof. Arjun Jadhav

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  • Prof. U. Sinha
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