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Human Rights Education Programme

Introduction :

The principles of human rights education aim to promote dignity, tolerance and peace, by educating individuals and groups to respect, defend and advocate for their rights.

According to the UN resolution of November, 2011 human rights education means, ďa lifelong process by which people at all levels of development and in all Strata of Society learn respect for the dignity of others and the means and methods of ensuring that respect in all societies. Accordingly it appealed to all countries to impart Human Rights Education starting from elementary level.

Hence people living in the society have to discharge their duties with sincerity at all times without any deviation. Such practices will promote the freedom of all and could transform a society to achieve its objectives. This being the concern of Human Rights Education, impartation of it results in, to achieve the principles of democracy, rule of law, and social justice. Further, it will help to establish peace and security. It also further enables us to achieve an all round socio-economic, political and sustainability.

Important Links Books on Human Rights(English)
  1. Marathi & English Version of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
  2. Regulations regarding the Human Rights Education Programme
  3. Syllabus of Human Rights Education Programme
  4. Human Rights Day Brochure
  1. Introduction to Human Rights and Duties - Book I
  2. Human Rights of Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Group - Book II
  3. Human Rights and Duties in India : Law, Policy, Society and Enforcement Mechanism - Book III
मानवाधिकारांवर पुस्तके(मराठी)

  1. मानव अधिकार आणि कर्तव्ये यांचा परिचय
  2. संवेदनशील आणि वंचित गटांचे मानवाधिकार पाठयपुस्तक - २
  3. भारतातील मानवाधिकार आणि कर्तव्ये - कायदा, नीती, समाज व अंमलबजावणी यंत्रणा पाठ्यपुस्तक - ३

Human Rights Education Programme (Videos and Lectures)

Introductory Lecture on
'Human Rights' by 
Dr. W. N. Gade

Hon. Vice Chancellor
Introduction to 'Human Rights'
by Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. W. N. Gade
About The Programme
by Dr. T.S.N. Sastry
An Overview of 'Human Rights'
by Hon. Justice Sambhaji Shinde
Judge, High Court of Bombay

Human Rights Education Programme - Inauguration Function

Introduction to Human Rights Programme by Former Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjay Chahande

An Overview of Human Rights by Justice S. S. Shinde
An Overview of Human Rights Programme
by Dr. Sanjay Chahande
Hon. Former Vice-Chancellor
Introduction & Basic Concepts Of Human Values
by Prof. Chahal Surjeet
Basic Concepts Of Equality
by Prof. Chahal Surjeet
Concepts Significance Moral & Perspectives of Human Rights Education
by Dr. T.S.N. Sastry
Perspective of Rights & Duties
by Dr. T.S.N. Sastry
Dr.Naresh Waghmare,
Human Rights Education Programme(SPPU)
Introduction to Terminology of Various Legal Instruments
by Dr. T.S.N. Sastry
Assistant Professor
Human Rights Education Programme(SPPU)
Phone No.
Brief History of Human Rights
by Dr. Sonia Nagarale
Economic Social & Cultural Rights
by Dr. Sameeran Walvekar
Provisions of United Nations Charter
by Ms. Sonia Nagarale
  Preamble & Universal Declaration of Human Rights
by Dr. Sameeran Walvekar
Civil & Political Rights
by Dr. Payal Thaorey

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