Indian Philosophical Quarterly : Volume 15

V. K. Bharadwaja The Concept of Arthapatti 113
V. Rajapakse  The Ahimsa Precept of the Indian Religious Systems and The Utilitarian Thinking of Jeremy Bentham, James Mill and John Stuart Mill : Notes on Some Points of Contact 137
Reginton Rajapaksa  The Problem of Identity of Objects in Hume's Philosophy 169
Mangala R. Chinchore Dharmakirti on the Distinction Between Svarthanumana and Pararthanumana 177
Ajai R. Singh & Shakuntala A. Singh The Comparative and The Creative 189
Gayatri Sinha Gilbert Ryle's Concept of Philosophy 209
Raghunath Ghosh  Some Reflections on Kalidas Bhattacharya's "The Indian Concept of Freedom'' 217
P. K. Roy Language and Reality in Brhadaranyaka-Upnisad and Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus - Logico-Philosophicus 227
G. Vedaparayan J. P. Sartre's Ontology of "Negative Enlightenment'' 233
Book Review