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    7-9 March, 2013

About MNDC-13

Societies worldwide are being reshaped and redefined, by the changes in the global media and information environment. Most of the human activity in today’s developed and developing economies are touched by the new media. All the deliberations be it governance, education, culture, health, commerce, information, transportation or any industry increasingly managed through this media. New media are the product of the digital transformation of communication, information, entertainment media, including television, the press, cinema, telephones, photography and so on where they rarely exist as a straight forward remediation or digitization of earlier media. So, the metamorphosis of this media which has begun long ago is concerned today with the differences and newness of new media, as convergences or as hybrids, as software and hardware, as networked and digital.

Digital media tends to be networked (produced, distributed and consumed through two way networked infrastructures) which follow a more decentralized network architecture with many producers and consumers in a constant dialogue as opposed to pyramidal model of broadcast media. Whether it is the multitude of web pages, blogs, forums online or the hundreds of channels available on digital television the choice today is immensely expanded than the previous broadcast era. This diversity of choice has become a fundamental characteristic of new media that follows on networking, convergence and the blurring of producers and consumers.

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