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Life sketch of Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar

Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar was born with challenges i.e. congenital High myopia in both eyes; he has tried to overcome all his physical challenges and achieved various honors and awards. During entire tenure of his education Dr. Ravindra kept continuously facing problems related to his health. He has also undergone Total Hip replacement (THR).

Even with many complications, deformities & challenges; he never allowed any physical deformities to overtake his vision, and never loosed his patience against difficulties and also stood bravely to over come all difficulties in his life.

Studying Diploma in Pharmacy was not an easy task for Dr. Ravindra, to do practical’s and understand technical chapters due to his visually impaired & orthopedic challenges; but he has overcome all those difficulties & passed the examination with distinction and secured 1st rank in entire Maharashtra. That was the great achievement and turning point in Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar life; he has proved to the world nothing is impossible if some one has desire & dedication.

Then Dr. Ravindra decided to continue his education & took admission in B. Pharmacy, In B.Pharm he achieved First Class with distinction and qualified GATE-94 conducted by IIT-Khargpur, he was ranked 357 in entire India. Because of this achievement he got admission to M. Pharm at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Poona College of Pharmacy.

Initially due to his physical challenges everybody at M Pharm doubted that how he will do his research in Pharmacy, but with help of his research guide, colleagues he has completed his research work successfully. Looking at the potential in his work National Chemic
al Laboratories, Pune and Prof. Yamasaki of Hiroshima School of Medicine, Japan has collaborated in his research activities. In his research he has isolated and identified new molecule which was a challenging task, but he achieved it due to his sheer determination and dedication. He has also submitted Thesis to University of Pune as a part of curriculum. Later on he has persuade his M.D. (A.M.) and Ph.D. From Medicina Alternativa, Colombo, Srilanka.

Some highlighting points in his life—
He has explored talking Computer by using Jaws, screen reader and Windows-98 operating system. He has even trained to operate such computers to other visually challenged persons.

Dr. Ravindra has presented his Research Paper at International seminar held at Zurich, Switzerland. In seminar he shared his experience with other scientists from all over the world.

After finishing his research and Masters degree in Pharmaceutical sciences, He joined as Lecturer in Pharmacy College followed by Principals post at NTVS Institute of Pharmacy, Nandurbar.

His continuous interest in research activities lead to discover a very effective medication for Diabetes, He has presented various papers in national and International conference on his research work in Diabetes.

The positive research results in Diabetes medicine has encouraged him to become a entrepreneur and then he started Anuyash Diabetic Clinic and Research Center in Jalgaon with his sister Dr. Aparna Nandedkar Vaidya; she has done M.B.B.S., CCH & CGO. In Anuyash Diabetic Research Center till date they have treated thousands of patients successfully. His research center works in prevention and control of Diabetes and its complications like retinopathy which is major reason for causing blindness in diabetic patients.

Keeping his disabilities aside he has done lot of research in alleviating pain of mankind and helping them in living healthy life. Due to their research in medicine thousands of diabetic patients have been prevented from amputation of leg because of diabetic foot.

In nut shell in spite of his visual and orthopedic challenges, he has achieved foll
owing milestones

National Award:

  • Received "National Award for the empowerment of persons with disabilitie, 2008, as Role Model. Award was given in person on 3rd December 2008 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, By The Vice-President of India, Dr. M H Ansari.

  • “Best Participation Award”, National Academy of Leadership and Administration. Junior Chamber International, India. August 2006.
  • Awarded as an outstanding new JC by Junior Chambers International- India Zone 13 in 2005.
  • Outstanding Young Indian Award 2001 – Indian Junior Chamber (Zone XIII)

Academic: Highest degree in challenging field of Pharmacy, He has completed his major education with Scholarship funds and always ranked high in examinations.

Diploma in Pharmacy M.S.B.T.E., Mumbai 1st Class 74.16%
Bachelor of Pharmacy Marathwada University 1st Class 67.76%
Master of Pharmacy Pune University 1st Class 64.00%
Ph.D Medicina Alternativa, O.I.. University, Colombo, Srilanka

Doctor of Medicine (A.M) Medicina Alternativa, O.I. University, Colombo, Srilanka

  • High school merits scholarship in 7th standard
  • National Merit Scholarship from Maharashtra state in S.S.C. (1988)
  • Best Student of the year (1989-90) Final year D. Pharmacy, Channa Basweshar Polytechnic, Latur.
  • Stood 1st in Board of Technical examination Mumbai in Final Year D. Pharmacy (1989-90)
  • Stood 4th in Marathwada University in Final Year B. Pharmacy (1993-94) Passed B. Pharmacy with Distinction
  • Qualified “Graduate Aptitude Test” in Engineering (GATE 94) with All India Rank – 357) Exam conducted by IIT Kharagpur.
  • He was awarded Junior Research fellowship by UGC (University Grant commission), the said work of research was carried on by Dr. Ravindra in collaboration with Prof. Yamasakhi of Hiroshima school of medicine, JAPAN and National Chemical laboratory, Pune. The work was very unique as it was involved with Isolation and Identification of single molecule for Rheumatoid arthritis; major reason for restricted Mobility.
  • Passed M.Pharm with 1st class from Pune University
  • Certificate of Merit from Bharati Vidyapeeths Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune
  • State level Award: Best Student award in Maharashtra by NAB unit Maharashtra, with the hands of District Collector Latur, on behalf of Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Professional Carrier:

  • He is working as Principal since last 10 years, and working as Hon. Director of Anuyash Diabetic Research center since last 7 years.
  • Research Publications, Patents & Presentations
  • Paper published –in Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicine, Chennai.
  • Poster presented in International Conference, held during 3rd to 7th September 2000 at Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Clinical trials on a new Herbal Formulation for anti-diabetic activity.
    Phytochemical and pharmacological studies on a new alkaloid from roots of Capparis Zeylanica L.
  • Presented Research papers in International Conference "Ayucon" organized by Maharashtra university of Health sciences Nasik, in Jan. 2006.

Author of Text books

  • ‘A Text book of Biochemistry’ published by Vrunda Publications.
  • Author of series of ‘Simple notes for Pharmacy students’ by Vrunda Publications
  • Editor of a magazine specially for research in Diabetes ‘Madhumehant’

Developed a novel anti-diabetic herbal formulation, called as "Ayursulin" The formulation was tested on animals at Grant medical college and J. J. Hospital Mumbai, and found to be efficacious than synthetic molecule Glibencamide.
Keynote speaker at National Seminar on Diabetis, held at K.C. Ajmera Ayurved Mahavidyalaya ,Dhule.
Felicitated by Mr. Agarwal, FDA Commissioner of Maharashtra state in 2001 for Valuable contribution in Pharmaceutical field.

Invited by famous T.V channel E.TV for presentation of his research on Diabetes in its program Sanwad, it was telecasted on 5th and 6th December 2005.
Member of “National Health Education Society of India”. Mumbai.
Developed a herbal formulation for dislepidimia called "Ayurstatin" which was found very efficacious clinically.
Best performance in seminar National academy of leadership and administration, “NALANDA 2006’’ by JCI Rajahmundry.
Various other activities viz organizing free medical camps, celebrating functions, other days, and organizing Tukaram beej Mahotsav which is done on regular basis.

Obtained following patents from Govt. Of India

  1. Patent no. 330/mum/2005: A process of preparation of a herbal formulation for treatment of bronchial asthma and product thereof.
  2. Patent. No.298/mum/2007: Antidiabetic use of Hugonia Mystrx plant and its products thereof.
  3. Patent no.2070/mum/2007: Herbal medicine for antidiabetic polyherbal formulation and its process and product thereof.
  4. Patent No.2071/ mum/2007: Herbal medicine for polyherbal antidiabetic formulation and its process and product thereof.
  5. Patent no. 2325/mum/2007: Documentary on Indian Medicinal plant

Social: He likes to help people and get pleasure and mental satisfaction from it.

  1. Founder President of Nationalist Congress party’s ’Disable welfare cell’ Jalgaon city.
  2. Founder secretary of Disables self Employment service Cooperative society ltd. Jalgaon
  3. Founder member of JCI Jalgaon challenger- Unique chapter in the JCI world especially for upliftment of physically challenged
  4. Member - disability support service unit, North Maharashtra University Jalgaon
  5. President JCI Jalgaon banana city, an organization for developing leadership in youth
  6. Vise President All India Sanyukta Wani Samaj, Jalgaon.
  7. Secretary Yashwantrao Nandedkar Charitable trust, Jalgaon.
  8. Director of ‘’Sanmohan bahuudeshiy pratisthan’’ Jalgaon.
  9. President Anuyash Health Foundation Jalgaon.

Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar
Anuyash Diabetic Research Centre,
128 Jilha Peth, Near Nataraj Cinema,
Jalgaon 425001, MS, India
Mobile: 9422276865



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