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The centre is equipped with state-to-the art facilities of advance hardwares and softwares necessary for visually challenged students which create an environment for learning and assistive technology research.
The centre comprises two wings:

  • Computer lab
  • Talking book studio

Computer Lab:

It is a specially equipped lab consisting advance computer systems with full net connectivity loaded with screen reader or talking softwares like JAWS, Kurzweil, talking typing teacher, spell well, Ubuntu Linux screen reader etc specially designed for visually challenged people to provide independent computer operating ability and internet access. It also consists of sophisticated equipments like Braille printers, book reading machine, brailler etc required for higher education.

Visual impaired users accessing computer Lab

Talking book studio:

We have collection of around 70 audio books of arts, commerce, law and competitive exams. The books are distributed to various needy students of the university in free of charge. We also have recording system for recording audio books. It is our plan to set up a small studio having sound proof room consist of audiovisual recorder and computerize daisy books creator useful for recording books and making their cassettes and cds.

Learning lab:

It is a specially equipped lab consisting ten computer systems with 24/7 internet connectivity loaded with screen reading  software’s, and scanning and reading software etc specially designed for visually challenged people to provide them independent computer operating ability and internet access. The lab has following hardware and software facilities:


  • Ten desktops (HP), Intel core 2 duo 1.86 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, 17” TFT screen with 24/7 net connectivity
  • Tiger pro Braille embosser:
    a large sized Braille printer, which prints electronics text in to Braille. It also can print Braille graph, charts, tables and mathematical text called “nimathe” Braille.
  • Index Basic D:
    High Speed, Double sided Tractor Feed, New generation technology Braille embosser in an acoustic cabinet. This produces 2 back-to-back pages at the same time and uses Tractor feed paper, which can be spiral bound easily making it very economical.
  • Braille type writer:
    For fast Braille typing.
  • Zoom-X instant reader:
    a small portable device that uses the new generation Motion Sensor technology in combination with proprietary Zoom Office software to make scanning & instant reading of text fast and easy.


  • Screen readers:

    • JAWS for windows:
      It is a screen reader which provide global speech environment to computer which enable visually challenged people to work on computer independantly.
    • NVDA:
      Non visual desktop access: it is a free screen reader that also provides global speech support to computer system.
  • Scanning and reading software:

    • Kurzweil1000OCR reading software:
      An excellent support for blind students to read any printed books from the library to have independent access to not only their text-books but also other general reading. It is used with a combination of a scanner and a PC.
  • Other software:

    • Talking typing teacher pro:
      Talking Typing tutorials specially designed for the blind with complete guidance & practice lessons for learning keyboarding skills & developing typing speed in a systematic manner. Since the program also has a complete display of all lessons, even the low vision students can read and learn to type.
    • Spell well:
      It is a software used for spelling practice for people with learning disabilities as well as visual disabilities as visually challenged people listen study material in voice they cannot have access to spelling.